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Project "Grow a Library"

Grow A LibraryOpportunities to contribute to our community abound, and as a company we are thankful to help worthy causes right here in our own neighborhood through the Universal Contracting Community Works division. When one of our associates was talking with friends at a local reading group about their annual book drive benefit, she became inspired how we, as a company, could contribute to a great organization.
UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) was founded in 1955 to help children with cerebral palsy and has evolved throughout its history to help children with any disability or developmental delay as well as children without disabilities. Today, UCP of Central Florida empowers children with and without disabilities to achieve their potential by providing individualized support, education and therapy in an inclusive environment. At a recent visit to UPC, we discovered that many of the campuses lacked one thing that was absolutely essential for fostering a love of learning: a library!
As a non-profit charter, UCP relies heavily on donations for its facilities, and this does include any proposed libraries or literacy classrooms. We learned that the Pine Hills campus is especially in need of an interactive literacy classroom for its K-5 students. As a result, our Community Works goal is to create a fun and imaginative space “growing” a nature theme that will inspire children to enjoy reading. We will be partnering with local organizations including The Cloak & Blaster and the Central Florida Slug Club through several volunteer efforts to help make this idea a reality.
On Saturday, August 6th, Universal Contracting friends and associates came together to transform the Pine Hills UCP therapy room into a fun, energizing space for kids to read, learn and grow in an atmosphere specially designed just for them! Volunteer initiatives included unique furniture assembly, freestyle painting of wall murals, and adding fun pillows and rugs – all to help encourage creative thought in a comforting environment. We were so excited and pleased to help turn this space into something magical for the UCP Charter students to further their love of reading!
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