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Ken: Welcome to another hour of In the House with Ken and Jared. We’re all about home improvement. Today, I brought in our office manager, Brandan Molthan, to talk about our office and our office staff – what a phenomenal job they do. Brandan runs all the people that work inside the office for Universal Roof and Contracting; he does a fantastic job. Welcome to the show, Brandan.
Brandan: Thank you. I appreciate you having me here.
Ken: You bet. We have been doing a tremendous, tremendous amount of work. Leading off, this year has been one of the best years for Universal Roof & Contracting that I can remember. I started the business back in 1972 in the Seattle area and have been over twenty-five years here in Florida. I can tell you, based on the storms we’ve had and referrals we’re getting from our customers, the great amount of work we have is mostly roofing, siding,construction, additions, and kitchen and bath remodeling.
Tell us about the staff and what kind of phone calls we’re getting, leads we’re running and people we’ve been able to help.
Brandan: Absolutely. We’ve actually grown a lot just in the past two years. Really, in just the office we went from having a staff of five people to about fourteen people now helping in a variety of things. The number one thing is you’re always going to get a phone call answered. They’re always answering phone calls, making sure we’re helping out people with anything they need.
We get calls mainly about roofing with, like you mentioned, the storms and resulting damage that’s been happening; we’ve definitely been talking about that along with some additions and kitchen remodel leads as well.
Ken: Yea, we have been. If you have a question having to do with home improvement, make sure you give us a call now. You can reach us at the office at 407-295-7403. We do all types of home improvements, and all the estimates we do are for free. We’ll come out, take a look, give you advice and our professional evaluation of what we see, and we don’t charge you for that call.
Talk about, Brandan, the process when somebody calls into the office and they’re looking for someone to come out and take a look at their home or to get an estimate.
Brandan: Okay. Basically what’s going to happen is when you give us a call at the office, we will ask you some very basic questions, getting your information and to the root of the reason why you’re calling. If your roof is leaking, or you just want a new bathroom – whatever it may be – we’re going to take down all the information. That way we can send the most appropriate person to your home.
At that time we’re also going to schedule the appointment. Depending on the time of year, it could be the next day, it could be three days later, but we’re going to get someone out there. Like Ken had mentioned, it’s a free estimate.
Ken: Right. We also talk about the person we’re going to send. We let the homeowner know who that person is in advance, who’s going to be knocking at their door, what they’re background is, a little bit about them.
Brandan: Exactly. With every homeowner that gives us a call, we actually send them an email with a picture and the background of the person coming out to their house. That way they know who’s going to be out there before he’s even there. We use a company called Ask the Seal who performs background checks on anyone who will be coming into your home.
Ken: Yes. We try to be professional from the first call all the way through, and I’ve got to tell you, if you want a good experience, you want to call our office because Brandan has led the way in making sure that people get the best service when they call Universal Roof and Contracting.
Brandan: Yes, I’ve prepared the office to provide good customer service on every single phone call coming in. And if you want to get some more information about our company you can always look at our website at If you want to know a little bit more about myself or Ken or anyone else in the company, go to our “Why Choose Us” section of the website and look at the Leadership page.
Also under “Why Choose Us”, you’ll see some of the Community Works that our company does. We don’t only put on roofs. We like to help out the community as well, feeding the homeless and many things like that.
Ken: We are a family, and we are a part of your community – and we are glad every Sunday to be part of your day. Thanks for tuning in!
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