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A Father's Heart, a Growing Family

Jared Mellick FamilyUniversal company president, Jared Mellick, wears many hats. You may know him as a business owner, a leader, a mentor or a roofing expert. He is all these things and more. However, one of the most important roles Jared fills is the role of a father. From a large family himself, Jared and his wife, Cara, have three children, and it is obvious they are all very precious to him.
As a business owner and manager, Jared often describes Universal Roof & Contracting as a growing family, and the various company divisions as his children. With every department and the teams therein, he leads, nurtures and disciplines with a father’s heart – and it is obvious that each “child” is very precious to him.
This April brings a new addition to the family. After many months of planning and preparation, Jared is pleased to add the premium window manufacturer, Andersen, into his care. Jared now manages this Florida affiliate company, Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida independently from – yet in cooperation with – Universal Roofing Group, Inc. This “sister company” will be the sole provider of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows in the state of Florida, and the best and only source of quality replacement windows to Universal Contracting’s residential construction division.
Building a team of experts in window replacement under the proven guidelines and tutelage of Andersen veterans, Jared is excited to announce as of April 1st, 2016, the “birth” of his new window division! Keeping it in the family, Jared’s nephew, Brandan Molthan, will now oversee Renewal by Andersen’s marketing department with Jim Sellers as the RBA director of sales, and David Bouton to head up the installation division under the guidance of Aaron Mellick, VP of Operations. Regularly adding new members, the growing RBA family will serve Central Florida homeowners as manufacturers, distributors and installers of the best replacement windows available.
Jared is super-excited about his growing family and is happy to make this beautiful high performance product available to current and future customers as he welcomes Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida!
For more information about Renewal by Andersen products or for a free home demonstration and window evaluation, please visit the RBA website or call 407-803-4RBA (4722).
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