Community Works – Universal Roof & Contracting Neighbor in Need, Edd

ContractorThis February, Universal Roof & Contracting was blessed to donate an entire roof replacement to a local disabled veteran.
Currently undergoing treatment for injuries acquired while serving as an Army Ranger, Edd has been unable to make repairs on the debilitated roof he shares with his four children in Sanford, FL. After multiple surgeries and joint replacements, he faces another operation in March to repair cervical vertebrae and hopefully restore limited mobility.
This February, Universal crews removed old, deteriorating materials and replaced the decking and roof entirely making fast work of the job. Edd compliments the crew, “scary fast, clean, unbelievable”! As final interior work concludes this month, he continues to send us his thanks for the blessing he has received.
Our company president, Jared Mellick shares, “We aim to make our community a better place in which to live. Our hope is, by coming into contact with our business, our customers’ quality of life improves. It’s about finding the significant moment or milestone in the customer experience and accentuating it, making it that much better.”
The Universal’s staff is driven by a principle from Proverbs 21:26: “…the righteous give and do not hold back.”
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