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The 3 Most Common Areas Where Your Roof Might Be Leaking

Chimney LeaksSome of the most susceptible areas for leakage are places many homeowners never think to check. A rook leak unchecked leads to watermarks, peeling paint, bug invasion and much worse. Wood rot and dangerous molds can quickly become a serious problem, meaning major repairs beyond just your roof. Here’s what you might be missing:

  1.     Flashing

Flashing is a thin piece of metal installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof to create a water resistant barrier. When these pieces of metal crack as a result of long exposure to the elements without replacement, water is allowed to freely seep into other areas of your home.

  1.     Skylights

A leaking skylight has two main causes. Leaks are usually the result of improperly measuring and fitting the skylights upon installation, or decayed insulation along the skylights edges. If you notice a leak around your skylight, consider replacing it with a surface-mount single-piece glass skylight. Simply put, the skylight is made where the metal flashing and the lens are welded together with no movable parts, unlike the style you may currently have using multiple pieces. With single-piece style of skylight, there’s a lot less potential for leakage than other types of skylights.

  1.     Chimneys

Chimneys often leak. And the leak can get out of control pretty quickly, as there are multiple surfaces that could be leaking–for example, the shingles or the roof portion, which is typically what a roofer would replace. But there’s also a potentially pesky flashing piece that connects the roof and the chimney wall. Then there’s the stucco or siding surface of the chimney itself. And don’t forget the chimney cap at the top and a flue cap as well.
A seemingly harmless hairline crack in a crucial place can allow vast amounts of water to run behind the flashings. You should look for soldered corners of flashing that might have broken or have holes.
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