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Universal Roof & Contracting is Certified Hydro-Stop Installer

Hydro StopWhen it comes to protecting your home against wind-driven rain and the relentless sun, one Florida contractor consistently turns to a product that always delivers. Universal Roof & Contracting professional Jared Mellick relies on Hydro-Stop Roof and Wall Waterproofing Systems to protect his clients’ homes from leaks and subsequent damage. Hydro-Stop is a fluid-applied roofing material that is fabric-reinforced. It’s a superb solution for a lot of waterproofing issues, such as leaking patios, low pitch and flat roofs, typical Florida rooms, or any building exterior for protecting windows, door openings, stucco and foundation materials against wind driven rain. Jared Mellick and his father Ken Mellick are the owners of Central Florida’s premier construction company Universal Roof & Contracting, a family-run business which has been serving homeowners in the Greater Orlando area for more than 20 years. They are one of the few general contractors in Orlando that is certified to install Hydro-Stop.