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The Importance of Ventilation in Commercial Roofs

Although insulation plays a key role in keeping the commercial roof healthy and secure, so does ventilation. Unfortunately, most property owners see ventilation as a secondary thing, which means most commercial roofs aren’t properly ventilated.

The Importance of Ventilation in Commercial Roofs

Universal Roof & Contracting, your local commercial roofing contractor, discusses why ventilation is important to the health and long-term utility of your commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows your commercial roof to breathe. On a more technical aspect, it enables your roof to shed accumulated moisture during hotter seasons and keeps it from growing brittle during the colder months.

Proper ventilation also safeguards your commercial roof from turning damp, a common problem that can do long-lasting damage in the form of leaks when not addressed properly. By correctly ventilating your roof, you make preventive commercial flat roof repair easier to do as well.

Ventilation Prevents Condensation

Condensation can do considerable destruction to your commercial roof; specifically, it weakens and even outright damages the wooden parts of the roof. In a worst-case scenario, too much condensation can even affect your goods and equipment.

Proper ventilation combats condensation by allowing air to move freely within your roof and through your roof vents. It also safeguards insulation, which is susceptible to excessive condensation.

How to Ventilate a Commercial Roof

The simplest way to properly ventilate a commercial roof is by installing ample roof vents, which allows air to properly flow in and out of your roof. Breathable felt membranes installed under the surface of the roof also allow it to breathe and function similarly to tile vents, except hidden from plain sight.

Our experienced team at Universal Roof & Contracting will make sure your roof is properly ventilated on your next commercial roof installation. Orlando residents may reach us at (407) 278-2686 while Jacksonville residents may reach us at (904) 416-1399 to learn more about our services. We are a local commercial roofing contractor serving business owners in Orlando, FL.