The Importance of Roofing Tear-Off During Roof Replacement

During your roof replacement planning, you will be asked by at least one roofer if you want to install the new roof over the old one. While this can result in some savings from the tear-off and disposal costs, we recommend having the old roof removed and replaced entirely with a new one. Here’s why this is important.

The Importance of Roofing Tear-Off During Roof Replacement

It Lets Us Address Hidden Issues

The biggest benefit of a complete roof replacement is it lets roofers like us thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof and address those issues before the new one is installed. Damage caused by moisture intrusion usually develops between the outer roof and the roof deck, an area that is not readily visible until the old roof is torn off. Installing a new roof over the old one should only be done if there is 100% certainty that the existing roof is structurally sound. Additionally, if the old roof was made of subpar materials, a complete replacement lets your roofer replace it with quality ones.

It’s Necessary If You’re Switching to a Different Roofing System

If you’re switching to a different roofing system, your old roof will naturally have to be stripped as tile and slate roofing systems are much heavier than the more typical metal or asphalt shingle roofs. The roofing structure has to be able to support the additional weight, which means that reinforcements will have to be added, or in some cases, the roof structure will have to be rebuilt. The good news is, you’re less likely to call for tile roof repair as the new roof will be more durable.

Some Roofing Manufacturers Require Complete Removal

In most cases, manufacturers like CertainTeed® require a complete, “clean” installation, requiring a total roofing tear-off. Their roofing systems are designed to work holistically, which means any component not part of the system – the old roof, in this case – could compromise its overall performance. This also ensures you, as the homeowner, will get the full benefits afforded by their extensive warranties.

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