Learn About the Tools That Roofers Use on Your Home

Being aware of the tools used by roofers isn’t necessary, but it certainly gives you a greater understanding of how the professionals get the job done, especially if it’s a major project like roof replacement. In this post, Universal Roof and Contracting discusses the essentials:

Learn About the Tools That Roofers Use on Your Home

Safety Materials

Safety should always come first, and this means using hard hats, gloves and scaffolding lifts. The latter will allow your roofers safer and easier access to the roof for loading shingles and other important materials. Safety materials also include fall protection kits, which in turn include harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards for extra measure.


Using chalk is a good and cheap way to determine the symmetrical placement of your roof’s shingles during a shingle roof repair project.

Basic Tool Box

The basic roof repair tool box includes a flat head shovel for removing your existing roof shingles quicker, a crowbar for nail removal, a hammer, roofing nailer, sealant, tarps as a cover for unexpected rain and a utility knife. These materials get the job done faster, and if you spot your roofer missing any of these tools, it’s best to ask them why they don’t have them. Whether you’ve got missing shingles or need some tile roof repair done, these handy tools will go a long way to patching them up as fast as possible.

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