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Important Components of a Roofing System

Licensed roofers can isolate and fix the possible problem areas of a home. Whether it is a roof replacement or repair, they can resolve it quickly and efficiently. But, you can help them by spotting roof issues early on. However, you need to be familiar with the components of the entire system in order for your observations to be of help. Read on and learn about the important parts of a roof from our experts at Universal Roof and Contracting.

Important Components of a Roofing System


Shingles are the first line of defense for your entire home. They are the topmost part of the roof and the part that withstands the most exposure to direct sunlight and the weather. Different materials have different strengths like vinyl’s design range, asphalt’s reliability and low price, and slate’s low-maintenance strength. Any damage to it can lead to long-term roofing problems, so be sure to replace them once you find problems.


A water draining mechanism, the gutter system is an essential part of your roof, and it’s always included in routine roof inspection and repair. It’s responsible for moving water and snow off your roof and safely depositing it away from your walls and foundation.


The skeleton to your structure, the deck is made of wood or plywood. This is onto where all the other roofing parts are nailed.


To keep the roof safe from moisture damage, licensed roofers make sure to keep the air circulating properly. This is achieved with the addition of vents. By circulating the air, vents reduce the heat, which can also reduce the wear on the shingles. Poor attic vents are the leading cause of destructive ice dams.


Thin sheets of metal known as flashings line up parts of your roof. They cover up any intersections and possible leak areas to help prevent water damage. Be sure to fix them if they get damaged.


Made of a synthetic fiber, the underlayment is a long sheet of water-resistant fabric or paper. This is pretty much designed to prevent leaks from occurring. Storm damage inspection should always check the underlayment for any possible issues.

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