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How Proper Ventilation Helps Your Roof

Planning a roof replacement ahead of time can save you money and effort, but preventing the need for it saves you even more. This can be made possible thanks to several factors that affect a roof’s longevity, which includes improving roof ventilation. Here’s how it can help.

How Proper Ventilation Helps Your Roof

Energy Efficiency

Proper ventilation can help you cut down costs for cooling. When heat builds up and raises the temperature in the house, the costs to compensate also increase since it forces your air conditioning to work harder than usual. Because of this, it consumes more electricity. With a properly ventilated roof, you can reduce the AC’s workload and your energy bill.

Roof Protection

Touch your ceiling during a sunny day. Does it feel hot? If it does, that means your roof is absorbing heat. This heat diffuses inside, and it can also affect your decking and shingles, causing them to expand. This can be problematic when winter comes. Cold weather will cause it to contract, slowly forming a loose gap. This eventually causes damage to your roof, which will make shingle roof repair necessary. With a properly ventilated roof, you can prevent all of this.

Finding the Right Vents

There are various options to help you ventilate your roof. These are the most popular ventilation options:

  • Box vent – non-moving vents that use natural air circulation to let hot air escape

  • Wind turbine – vents that rely on the wind to move the turbine, which spins the hot air away

  • Ridge vent – long vent opening, placed on top of your roof and is ideal for temperature distribution

  • Power vent – quiet motorized fan, designed to actively draw moisture and hot air away

  • Soffit vent – designed to help increase air intake. This works best with the ridge vent for maximum performance

Ultimately, it’s important to remember who to hire. The right contractor can help you pick the right vents, making sure your home is cool and comfortable. If you want high-quality vent installation, tile roof repair or an inspection, look no further than Universal Roof and Contracting.

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