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How Client Feedback Can Help You

With the multitude of licensed roofers in the greater Florida area, how would you know which ones are the best? You can browse their website, see the services that they offer and the awards they have received, but are their statements real? In this case, the best thing to look for are testimonials from their previous customers.

How Client Feedback Can Help You

Here are some reasons how client feedback can help you.


Word of mouth is still one of the best ways of promoting a contractor’s work or service to others. Personal experience gives an unfiltered take on how the company interacts with their customers and provide insights on they manage their project with other homeowners.

Are their roof inspections good? Are they proficient with their installations? Do they honor their warranties? These are some of the things you can figure out in client reviews. Another thing to note here is if the contractors are a good fit for the project you want. A contractor’s work ethic should show uncompromising dedication to the craft and should be compatible with yours.

Actual Delivery

From these accounts, you can read about the veracity of the contractor’s claims through their reviews. With all the different services they’ve stated on their website, this is where you can figure out if they are actually capable of doing the job and how efficient they are. The contractors can also take this opportunity to respond in case they receive a negative review.

A Word from Our Customers

Our clients, who have hired us for a range of roofing services and storm damage inspection, are some of the most satisfied in the business. Here are examples from Christy S:

“The crew at Universal Roof and Contracting are top notch. We had our roof done by them after Hurricane Charlie, and just recently we had our kitchen and bath remodeled. The knowledge and workmanship of the crew are amazing. We had lots of “quirks” with our house, and they helped us iron them out and redesign the house to make a very comfortable home.”

Here’s another from Ed. K:

“…From the initial consultation to the finished product, we can’t say enough about their professionalism, attention to detail and overall excellent work.”

To understand exactly why our customers love us, call us at (407) 278-2686. We provide top-notch services to residents of Ocoee, FL, and nearby areas.