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Details That Should Be in a Proper Roofing Proposal

A proposal may differ from one roof replacement contractor to another. It could be a one-page handwritten bid or a longer, official-looking document. A form letter-like bid could contain all the elements you need to review. When it comes down the details of your project, it is still best to have everything spelled out ahead of time.

Homeowners often get several proposals for a roof project for comparison’s sake. Universal Roof & Contracting is aware that a new roof is a big investment. We know that asking for a breakdown of the costs is not unreasonable.

Here are the things that should go in a roofing estimate.

A Complete Overview

A roof repair contractor should outline the entire roofing job and who will handle each aspect. This includes the starting and ending dates, and terms of payment. While there may be certain mitigating circumstances that arise, this overview should serve as a framework for the project.


A roofing estimate should include the type of shingles, flashing, underlayment and ventilation. It should also say if the materials come with a warranty and the duration of coverage. Handiwork and materials go hand in hand. You can’t have one that is subpar since the other will suffer for it.


A contractor should provide upfront all costs involved in a residential roof installation. These include both labor and material. Roofers should declare the cost of pulling any permits required by your local government and factor in any costs for cleaning up your property as well as hauling off your old roof.


What types of contractors’ licenses does your state or local government demand? Any reputable roofing contractor should show proof of a current, valid license. Rest assured that Universal Roof & Contracting have all the necessary licenses and credentials.

Universal Roof & Contracting always presents a complete estimate. We serve homeowners in Winter Park, FL. Fill out our contact form for an inspection so we can start your project on the right foot.