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QUIKRETE – Part II: Quikrete & Pre-Blended Products

Quikrete LogoJared: On this segment of the In the House show, Josh and I have been speaking with Jeff Russell, the regional sales manager for QUIKRETE. Let’s continue our discussion…
Jeff: Another thing QUIKRETE has been able to do is pre-blend our materials so they’re consistent every single time. Whether the contractor is using it on the job site or the homeowner is using it to do a homeowner project, you’re going to get a consistent mix. You don’t have to worry about if your mix has all the right ingredients in it for what project you’re working on. Most of the time you’re only adding water or some type of fortifier, like with the stucco work that will be done on your project house. Just as you mentioned before, take look at the how-to video. How far involved do you want to get with the project that you’re doing yourself on your home?
Jared:You bring up an interesting point with the consistency of the mixture and having the right ingredients. We have a lot of construction with stucco exteriors in the state of Florida and there’s a number of class action and other lawsuits going on throughout the state where stucco was improperly made. I follow some of those cases, and my company is actually working on a number of projects where it’s been found that the stucco was improperly installed. We have to tear off all of that stucco and replace it. The bad stucco is broken down and analyzed down to determine how the mixture was made. A huge part of the problem is that when you’ve got some guy on site with a bucket trying to determine what the proper mixture of all of the components should be. They’re trying to determine what the proper mixture is often by the sight and feel of it―that’s not a recipe for success. QUIKRETE is doing it in a controlled environment where the measurements are exact to create the right mixture.
Jeff: Our product consistency is the reason our contractor friends like using this product in their work. They know they’re going to have the right proportion of ingredients because there are ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards that require a certain proportion of cement, sands, and aggregates in the mix. We talk to the contractor and tell them, “Look, our products are consistent. They’re going to have the right consistency every time. That’s not something you have to worry about.” A homeowner may not necessarily know that the materials they’re buying for their smaller home project are of a consistent blend. Our contractors know they can rely on that consistent material every time because they are going through multiple pallets all the time. That’s what we like to reaffirm to the person doing the project at home or the contractor in the field; you’re going to get a consistent project whether it be a dry product, one of our caulks, patching or stucco patching materials. It’s going to be the same mix every time.
Jared: I want to make sure everybody has your contact information; how to get a hold of QUIKRETE. We talked about a lot of products and I would like you to walk us through the process of what homeowners can do when they start those DIY projects to make sure that they’re doing them right.
Jeff: You can find us at We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. On the website you’ll find how-to videos, literature, data sheets on all of our materials as well as how to contact representatives in your area. We’ve made it pretty easy to get in touch with us. You can also find locations where to buy QUIKRETE products on our website. You can get our materials at most any of the big box stores and any type of building material distributor in the Florida market probably has access to our material.
Jared: If a homeowner has some stucco cracks and wants to know what they should do about them, they can go on your website and search for the answer. If they are looking into pouring a new walkway and want to know how thick should it be; all those types of questions can be answered on your website.
Jeff: Absolutely, we have a special section divided into “For the homeowner” and “For the pro.” For the homeowner includes information on applying stains, pouring slabs, setting posts, repairing cracks in concrete and more. We have how-to videos on how to use all these different products, building a stucco wall, using veneer stone mortar, repairing concrete with vertical, overhead repairs… the list just keeps growing.
Jared: All right, brother. Thank you so much for joining us here on In The House.
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