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How Your Attic Keeps Your Home Cozy

For your next roof replacement, it is best to ask your contractor to take a look at your attic. Though the attic might be a place to store old belongings for most people, it’s also an essential part of your home against the heat.

How Your Attic Keeps Your Home Cozy

Here are some reasons how your attic helps prevent your home from overheating.


During the winter season, heat and moisture can build up in your attic. Given enough time, it can rot its wooden components and thus lead to unnecessary repairs that could have been easily prevented with proper ventilation. Letting your attic “breathe” allows a proper way to release any unwanted heat from your home, creating a temperate atmosphere inside.

You can ensure proper ventilation when you install one of Universal Roof and Contracting’s attic vents. Ranging from turbine vents to a more economically friendly solar power vents, you have an array of choices. Your next residential roof installation should incorporate proper attic ventilation, for which we could arrange.


In summer, heat is an immediate concern as the constant exposure to the sun might damage your roof and even penetrate your interior with unwanted warmth. If your attic is well-insulated, it decreases the heat from your home by dissipating it outside, avoiding heat-related issues from happening in the first place, such as the attic cooking from the inside.

That’s why when you encounter attic problems, a good roof repair plan includes attic ventilation and maintenance. If, however, your roof requires more intensive care, Universal Roof and Contracting is ready to assist you. You can contact us at our hotline (407) 278-2686 or by filling out our form to schedule a free, in-home assessment. We provide attic and roofing services in and around Winter Park, FL.