Get Ready for the Rainy Days of Summer: Five Signs of Water Damage to Residential Roofing

Water can be one of the biggest and most costly sources of damage to a home. Ice, hail and wind-driven rain are destructive forces that can ravage a roof, splinter wood, and expose vulnerabilities in siding and stucco. As a professional roofing contractor and host of In the House with Ken & Jared home improvement radio show, Jared Mellick encounters extreme water damage on a regular basis. If caught early, moisture intrusion may result in the need for minimal repair. However, because the average homeowner is not prone to climbing up on the roof or frequenting his attic space, many undiscovered water leaks turn into full roof replacement jobs, which can average ten to fifteen thousand dollars.
According to Mellick, here are several signs of potential water damage that homeowners can watch for to avoid costly roof and reconstruction repairs:
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