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Florida Homeowners: Get the Most From Insurance This Hurricane Season Plus 3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready Now

Severe Storm House FloridaAccording to a recent report from Reuters, the Florida insurance industry is in the best position it’s been for a decade. Thanks to eight hurricane-free years and a seller’s market in catastrophe bonds, the state is well-fortified against the cost of major storm damage as the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season starts. Shouldn’t this mean that homeowners can rest easy, knowing their insurance companies will automatically take care of any damage that occurs? “Not necessarily,” says Jared Mellick, President of Universal Roof & Contracting, a leading family-owned company of Orlando roofing contractors.
“When they call their insurance company, most people expect them to automatically just do the right thing–sometimes they do, but many times they don’t. The insurance company will have their representative take a look at the damage. Oftentimes they’ll just cut a minimal check minus their deductible; or worse, they’ll be denied coverage–and typically the homeowner doesn’t know any better but to accept it,” says Jared.
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