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Damage and Your Deductible: Deciding Whether Your Qualify For A Roof Replacement

Let’s be honest: nobody particularly enjoys dealing with their insurance.

Be it health insurance, car insurance, or even pet insurance, filing claims and playing a financial game of tag is nothing short of stressful. And homeowner’s insurance? Well, that’s likely no different.

Thus, if your roof damage costs less than your deductible, you may be biting your nails and wondering what options, exactly, you have.

Luckily, we’re here to explain!

Consider the Florida Building Code

“Not more than 25 percent of the total roof area or roof section of any existing building or structure shall be repaired, replaced or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire existing roofing system or roof section is replaced to conform to requirements of this code,” according to the Florida Building Code.

In other words, should more than 25% of your roof take damage, your insurance company will be liable to assist you with a full or partial roof replacement in order to ensure it meets state requirements.

That is to say, rather than filing a claim based on the overall cost of the damage, you’d want to be mindful of the physical expanse of the damage itself.

For example, if your roof damage were to cost $8,000 but your deductible was worth $10,000, your insurance may still hold a responsibility to aid your roof replacement endeavors so long as that $8,000 worth of damage extends beyond one-quarter of your overall roof.

Should your roof be divided into sections, however, this 25% rule will apply to each section individually as opposed to the roof as a whole.

Before You Second Guess, Get A Second Opinion

If the damage your roof has amassed is less than 25% of the total roof, or if it only applies to a specific segment of the roof, then whether or not to invest in repairs or a total replacement is ultimately for you to decide based on your budget.

If you need the financial aid of your insurance company, you will likely be able to receive it if you opt for repairs. However, regardless of whether or not your heart is set on a replacement, we still recommend that you seek out a second opinion from a trusted roof inspector.

After all, there may be a difference in the valuation of the damage between your insurance adjuster’s assessment and another professional’s report.

And should a professional inspection reveal the damage was more costly than initially assumed by the adjuster, you have a greater chance of investing in a roof replacement… with your insurance company on your side.

Reliable Roofing Done Right

Whether you’re searching for a certified inspection professional to assess the damage in question or you’re ready to hire a locally-trusted contractor to get going on repairs, one thing is certain: You can always reach out to Universal Roof & Contracting!

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In short, you’ll find the difference is universal with us!

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