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4 Reasons To Do Roof Replacement This Fall

Fall season is, without a doubt, the best time to schedule your roofing replacement project. It’s an interim season with mellow weather, and you avoid the summer wind and rain that might end up damaging your roof while you’re replacing it.

Not convinced? Universal Roof and Contracting lists four more reasons roof replacements should be done during fall.

1. Fall Has the Ideal Weather Conditions

The best kind of weather to do roof replacements is when the sky is clear, and temperatures are above 45 to 50 degrees. Fall features these weather conditions, and there’s not much environmental changes to worry about. And since it’s starting to cool, you can expect your roofer to do the work faster without suffering under the heat.

2. You Prepare Your Home For Winter

Throughout spring and summer, your roof would have experienced everything from spring rains to intense summer heat. So, it’s no surprise that your roof may be suffering from disrepair once fall rolls in. Having our roofing contractor replace your roof during this season doesn’t just allow your home to recover from the previous, it also prepares your home for winter. The last thing you want, after all, is to have a roof in disrepair just as winter rolls in!

3. Re-roofing Allows You to Save on Heating Costs

A roof in poor condition has poor ventilation and insulation, and this translates to higher energy costs. Re-roofing or replacing your worn out roofing during autumn will allow you to save more money on energy costs once the colder weather starts.

4. Fall and Winter Sealing

Finally, fall is your last chance to properly seal your shingles before winter arrives. With proper winter sealing, your shingles are more airtight and moisture-resistant, which means it can better handle frigid and cooler temperatures. Winter sealing also ensures that your shingles won’t easily be blown off by strong cold winds. Universal Roof and contracting is a roofing company that offers these services. Give us a call at 407-295-7403. We service all of Central Florida.