Problem with a Garage Door

Jared: Susan in Winter Springs asks "Just within the last week we’re having a problem with our garage door. If we use our garage door opener in our car, it looks like it tries to go up a little bit, but nothing happens. If I go in the garage and I actually mash the button and hold it down, I can get it to come up to about 4 feet and then it just stops. We’ve looked and there is no obstruction. So, before we call in a garage door company, are there things we can look for to maybe see what’s causing the problem?"

Susan, there is a few different things that I’m going to tell you about that could be causing the problem. The first is that the sensor that you’re talking about -- all newer garage doors have a sensor, so in that way if there’s any obstruction then it knows it and it’s not going to open or it’s not going to close. Now a lot of times, what will happen is that that little sensor will get off kilter a little bit. Basically the sensor on one side of the garage door, there’s a sensor on the other side, they’re supposed to be pointing towards each other.I If they’re not directly pointing at each other, then that sometimes will restrict the garage door from being open. So, that’s one thing that’s going to be a simple solution that you’re going to look for. Just make sure that they are directly pointing at one another.

Some of the other problems that can happen, is sometimes there can be some problem with the chain or belt up towards the top; where if it hasn’t been lubricated properly or if there’s some sort of bend in it where the garage door, the actual opener has gone off kilter a little bit. Any sort of restriction that happens within that area it’s going to think something is in front of it or something is attaching to it or something is getting in the way.

Oiling it with a good lubricant would be a good idea. That might be something that is causing the problem. Those are going to be easy fixes that you can do yourself. Anything apart from that, I’m probably going to recommend that you have a garage door professional go over. It could be some problem with the spring, which helps reduce the weight of the garage door.

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